Are you in one of these three roles?  Do any of these objectives apply to you?

Business Owners:

  • Develop a marketing strategy

  • Consolidate scattered marketing

  • Obtain a better marketing ROI

  • Strengthen a weak brand

  • Shorten the sales process

  • Improve unresponsive social media

  • Coordinate a grand opening or new product/service launch

  • Create an impact through social giving

  • Create marketing metrics

Marketing Directors:

  • Create a marketing plan while already overwhelmed

  • Move beyond the stagnant status quo

  • Objective 3rd party survey

  • Find useful data

  • Analyze marketing results

  • Overcome reduced customer engagement

  • Save money through co-branding

  • Find sponsors for an event

  • Capitalize on mobile app development

Sales Directors:

  • Need to identify a new target market

  • Want to review your sales materials for missed value building opportunities

  • Need a better way to build referrals

  • Want to develop a loyalty program

  • Need to cross sell/upsell customers

  • Need to track prospects and sales opportunities

  • Need to build a marketing database

About You:

What kind of company uses Socially Responsible Marketing?  Here are some basic characteristics that might indicate you are a good match:

  • You are committed to consistently delivering high quality

  • You are committed as an organization to make a social impact

  • You are interested in listening to your customers’ feedback to serve them better

  • You value your employees, their dedication to your organization, and its customers

  • You prioritize marketing, advertising, and your brand

  • You have a marketing person/department that is productive and efficient

  • You are willing to objectively analyze your marketing efforts to ensure they are getting the best results possible

  • You are willing to invest your attention to work with us and develop a strategy that embraces your company’s mission, while engaging your customers as partners to share your message

  • You are willing to entertain innovative ideas and strategies that you likely hadn’t considered before

  • You are willing to work with other companies towards a similar goal