How not to juggle...

Have you ever been out in the street and noticed someone trying to carry too many loose items at once and suddenly something drops?  The person leans over, clutching the other items, grimacing, moaning, bending down, while awkwardly stretching to pick up that fallen item.  As soon as the item is back in hand, two other things drop from the other arm.  You know the thought of just kicking something probably crossed the person’s mind.  I think at some point we can all relate to having too many things to hold onto and needing an extra hand.  

This is a great analogy for marketing and the tasks that many companies face.  Imagine trying to walk and carry 15 or twenty peaches all in your arms and hands without any bags or baskets.  Would you feel cautious, unstable, and anxious about something slipping out of your grasp?  If something does happen to roll, how do you manage to pick it back up without loosening your grasp on your other fruit?  

At Socially Responsible Marketing, we are that extra set of hands that help strategize and bundle your marketing efforts so that the load it easier to carry.  You may still have a lot going on, but you will be able to manage them better, control your time more effectively, and get a bigger bang for your marketing dollar so you can carry a greater load.  We will help put your marketing in easy to handle bundles and free up your sales and marketing people for some new projects.  

Call us for a review of your marketing challenges and see how we can make it more manageable.