How is your marketing budget like peeling a hard-boiled egg?

How is your marketing budget like peeling a hard-boiled egg?

I was just thinking about a YouTube video that I watched today.  It was a life hack video from “The Crazy Russian Hacker” that told me there was a better way to peel an egg.  If you peel your hard-boiled eggs with your fingers, I recommend you watch his video (I included a link below).  But what does that have to do with marketing you ask?

I always assumed that the way I was peeling an egg was the best there was, since I always had some large pieces that came off easily.  However, I still had many more small pieces that annoyed me and stuck to the egg.  Sometimes they were poking under my fingernails when I was peeling, and inevitably some flew somewhere around the kitchen.   I see marketing as a great analogy for peeling a boiled egg.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1)      Where is my marketing budget going? 

2)      What exposure am I getting in return for my dollar, and what result is it generating for me?

3)      What is my return on investment?

4)      What should my marketing budget be doing for me?

5)      Who is my marketing budget benefiting?

6)      Is my marketing budget benefiting the community that supports my business?

7)      If I could generate more business by giving back to my community, and it promotes what I do best, wouldn’t that be a better way to peel an egg? 

So the video ( shows how shaking the egg in a cup of water quickly and cleanly peels it in seconds.  It is a much more efficient way to get to the same result, just by thinking about separating the egg and shell in a strategic way, using the water to peel the egg for me. 

I work with businesses to make their charitable write-offs payoff through socially responsible marketing.  If charitable giving isn’t a part of your marketing budget and strategy, you are missing out on so many opportunities for earned media, referrals, sharing, and customer engagement!  If you are already making contributions for all the right reasons, but aren’t getting new business from it, we will show you how, so that you can afford to give more and create a rewarding cycle.  Start getting better results by marketing your business through your local charities, fundraisers, and community organizations. 

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