Socially Responsible Marketing will work with clients on a project or retainer basis.  Customized proposals are based on your objectives and timeline, but are designed with your budget in mind.  

A La Carte Small Business Services:

Marketing Consultations- in-depth discussions of your current marketing strategy to identify missed opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Brand Review- logo, website, business cards, brochures, storefront/personnel, Facebook, Twitter…

Sales Pipeline Review- how you convert leads into sales to maximize opportunities

Public Relations Consultation- what you are doing or can do to get media attention

Strategic Partnerships- alignment with existing organizations/associations/companies to leverage resources and share access to a mutual target market

Social Media Planning- monthly or quarterly calendar development to build engagement

SWOT Analysis- Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats to create a guiding principle of where your company should focus for success

Comprehensive Strategic Planning- developing quarterly calendars of events and marketing opportunities with a common theme

Comprehensive Internal and External Evaluation (project based): 

Your organization is undoubtedly already updating your social media, sending out promotional emails or mailings, placing ads where they seem appropriate, and getting business by word of mouth.  The status quo isn’t bad, but you still know that you could be doing more, or getting better results. 

Socially Responsible Marketing offers you an objective and analytical evaluation of your company from the outside.  We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your corporate communications.  Are what you say, and what you do, in alignment?  Are your messages and images consistent?  What is your target market, how do they perceive you?  Are you marketing in the right mediums and venues to reach your market?  Are you fully capitalizing on the things that you are doing right?  Where are you investing time, money, and effort with minimal or less than optimal returns? 

Socially Responsible Marketing will review your:

Web site • Social media • Print material • Advertising • Physical location • Staff appearance and interaction

Socially Responsible Marketing Reallocation (monthly retainer):

After identifying areas for improvement, Socially Responsible Marketing will develop a plan of action, overall campaign outline, and implementation plan to build your brand.  Additionally we will guide you and review your efforts twice a month to ensure your progress in the right direction.  If your organization does not already have metrics in place, we will develop them with you and monitor them. 

Socially Responsible Marketing works with its clients to emphasize their unique selling propositions, and develop brand capital through news-worthy socially-beneficial efforts and campaigns.  SRM simultaneously maintains a budget conscious marketing approach by leveraging resources though strategic partnerships with other non-competing organizations sharing the same target market.

Our results-oriented firm conducts market and demographic research for our clients to identify primary clusters of readily accessible customers and referral sources.  After strategizing an approach with our client, a multi-touch plan is created and implemented to engage the prospects and maintain them in a relationship management database. 

We have the capability of incorporating a wide variety of services and tools to achieve an integrated and systematic marketing campaign based on our client’s objectives, timelines, and budget.  These include:

  • Market and demographic research

  • Strategic partner identification and engagement

  • Customer surveys

  • Marketing campaign planning, development, and implementation integrating web-based and traditional media

    • Web based: email campaigns, social media, online videos, digital advertising, crowd content contribution

    • Traditional: printed flyers/brochures, sales packets, advertising (print, radio, television), mass mailings

  • Corporate responsibility initiative development, implementation, and promotion

  • Public relations, press release creation and dissemination


You have the power to create change and your customers will value that you have embraced it!

Socially Responsible Marketing will utilize the following for you:

SWOT Analysis • Customer surveys • Process improvement •  Strategic partnerships •  Marketing and media campaigns